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Country Dog Gentleman Game

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Explore, learn, and play in SFMOMA’s galleries! This handheld, multimedia device prompts families to look, move, listen, and find fun ways to get talking about art at the museum. At the end of each round, the game introduces players to a new canine companion from Roy De Forest’s painting, Country Dog Gentlemen. [download here]


Creatures of Light

American Museum of Natural History

Enjoy interactive animations, photo galleries, and videos that reveal the beauty of this amazing natural phenomenon, how it works, and how scientists study it. Each chapter of the app, which is adapted from the iPad content featured throughout the exhibition gallery, is set to a symphonic soundtrack composed exclusively for Creatures of Light (2012).

[Click Here to Download]


A is for Art

Milwaukee Art Musuem

This app is downloaded simultaneously with the
EyeTouch tour app
. It creates a scavenger hunt for children by showing them a thumbnail of a piece of art that they then have to find in the museum. Once they find the artwork, there’s a brief commentary about the art piece that can be used to facilitate discussion between the child and adults in the museum (2011).