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Cultural Heritage Informatics Fieldschool, Matrix

msu.seum, a native iOS and Android application

msu.seum connects cultural heritage directly to place, highlighting both what is known as well as the scholarly narrative of the archaeological and historical research. Compared to other geolocative mobile applications, msu.seum functions less like a “check-in” system and more like a museum tour guide that will address the cultural heritage of campus. The ultimate goal of msu.seum is to provide an engaging way for users to interact with the cultural heritage of Michigan State University.

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Corning Museum of Glass


“Explore 35 centuries of glass art. This app from The Corning Museum of Glass showcases more than 100 highlights of the world’s best glass museum, from an ancient Egyptian glass portrait of a pharaoh to Venetian glass masterpieces to works by modern and contemporary artists like Louis Comfort Tiffany, Emile Galle, Dale Chihuly, and Josiah McElheny.”


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ACM Terracotta Warriors

Asian Civilizations Museum, Singapore

The main feature of the app is an interactive story-driven exhibition tour featuring Augmented Reality (AR) experiences and mini-games. You can witness terracotta warriors come to life at the exhibition (for example, shooting and reloading crossbows) via AR technology, which superimposes animated 3D objects into the real exhibition gallery space (2011).

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